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What is the difference between the Internet player?
Date:2017-07-31 Count:845
Network access is simple to say, "network set-top box" can be regarded as a "set-top box" that gets video programs through the INTERNET Internet. That is to say, the common set-top box is connected with coaxial cable, and the cable TV network is used; the network set-top box is connected with the network line and the Internet is on the Internet. The main functions are different. The programs watched by traditional TV are fixed, unable to access the Internet, nor can they dominate the TV programs with consumers' preferences, without the contents and applications that can be loaded. And connect to the network set-top box, through cable or wireless WIFI Internet access, web browsing, video playback, online chat, online games and entertainment, film and television on television according to their own preferences dominate the TV programs, but also can be used to install the program.

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